DIY T-Shirt Painting


Art is essentially about self-expression. T-shirt painting is another fun way to express who you are. So here are some tips on how to paint a T-shirt so that you can make a statement of your own!

What you will need:

• White t-shirts or any other type of clothing.
Artists’ Oil Colour 12 Assorted Colours Set
Camlin brushes
• Mineral spirit
• Foam paint
• Painter’s tape
• Paper (to cover the ground beneath your shirts with)
• Hard stock & exacto knife (if you want to use stencils)
• Sponge

Side note: Before you begin painting, keep a foam board or a cardboard inside your shirt so that the paint does not seep through.


Design 1: Tracing

If you want a design, start tracing the design with the paint first. Lightly trace the design of your choice with a pencil. Next, dip the brush in your paint and start by tracing the borders of your design. Fill the inner portions after finishing the borders, this way the paint won’t go beyond your borders and your design will look neat.

Design 2: Freehand

Painting whatever you want, free-hand is not only fun but also kind of authentic in a personal way. When you write free-hand, it is your handwriting which gives the ensemble a personal touch. This can be a sweet gifting idea as well. Simply pick your choice of paint, pick what you want to paint or
write and just do it!

Design 3: Stencilling

When you want to create a series of T-shirts with same copy, the stencil method works best. Print out the message you want on your T-shirts on a separate sheet of paper. Next, take your exacto knife and start cutting out the letter part of the paper. Do remember though that you should not cut the entire portion of the letters, leave a bit so that your letters don’t look weird.

Once your design is ready, you can tape the paper with the holes in the shape of letters to your T-shirt. Also, do make sure that you tape some paper around the design so that it doesn’t get accidental splashes or drips. Now carefully apply the paint you want to use with the sponge.

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