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7 June, 2018
Classy book cover ideas
It is officially ‘back to school’ time! How about using art to make this year interesting? You might not have official permission to give a creative twist to your school notebooks. However, there are always the ones you keep for self-study that can be beautified with a bit of creativity!
Here are 3 classy book cover ideas for you to experiment with this academic year.
You will need:
Before we get to the funky covers, let us help you get the base for your designs right! Begin by folding the paper you want to use along the width of the book you picked.
Next, fold the edges of the paper over the book and crease.
Place the end of the book inside each folded pocket in the cover.
Now, you are ready to decorate!

1. All that glitters

Cut out small sections of gold duct tape to secure the flap of the book and overlap the back portion with it. The colours used here are teal and gold which create a visually beautiful contrast but you can pick any colour you want.
Continue diagonally sticking the tape to your book cover until it looks like the book shown below.
Your glittery gold and blue book design is now ready!

2. The DIY countdown book cover

Are you in your last year of school? Here’s a fun way to keep track of the number of days to go until your last day in class! Start with using the basic cover method as shown above and then simply add cutouts of the letters as shown below.
Now, using a fine-tip chalk marker, go on and keep a record of the days remaining until your big day.

3. The washi tape DIY book cover

Give your book a vibrant, funky makeover with washi tapes. All you need to do is decide the look you want your book to have and stick the washi tape accordingly.
This is another great way to customize your books. Pick your favourite washi tapes and decorate away!

Did you like these fun designs?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment below.

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March 12, 2023

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