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23 January, 2014
The memories of childhood last a lifetime. We asked people what their favourite Camlin childhood memories were and came up with these top 10.

1. Doodling in class with Camlin Flora Pencils

The last page of a notebook has always been a toddler's favourite! From portraits of the maths teacher with the large mole on her face to playing tic tac toe or playing FLAMES. All while pretending to be taking notes in our history notebooks.

2. Finding Camel crayons in odd places

Who hasn’t spent countless hours colouring in the summer holidays? Sprawled on the floor, on the sofa, at the dining table, on the neighbour's terrace. No wonder mum would be surprised to find crayons in the plants and between the cushions of the sofa.

3. Participating in the All India Camel Colour Contest

Ultimate bragging rights are earned in school if you win the All India Camel Colour Contest. The best part about the contest was being able to bunk class just to draw, colour, and paint!

4. Perfect geometry drawings

While algebra was always mindboggling, geometry was the only thing we loved about maths class. That brand new Camlin Geometry Box was the only good thing about maths exams!

5. Writing on school uniforms

The best part of the last day of school is writing on the school uniforms! We wrote “You’re my best friend” messages and “Class 10 B is the best!” until the last drop of ink in our Camlin Fountain Pens. How many of you still have those school uniforms?

6. Begging our parents to buy ‘cool’ Camlin Mechanical Pencils

Remember the time when refillable Camlin Mechanical Pencils were all the rage? Our mothers always thought the ordinary pencils were good enough but we could always blackmail dad!

7. School uniforms smeared in Camel Water Colours

No art class is complete without having a rainbow of colours smeared on your uniform. We’ve all been scolded by our mothers about the unsightly state of our multi-coloured school uniform, which was sparkling white just a few hours ago.

8. Pranks with Camlin Gum

Sticking a cockroach to the teacher's chair or sticking pages of a pal’s notebook together were successful pranks only thanks to Camlin Gum!

9. Birthday presents are new Oil Pastels

There is no such thing as too many oil pastels. Few things in life could excite us as much as a box full of colours!

10. Being punished with the Camlin Ruler

And finally, school life is incomplete without paying tribute to the many times we have been threatened by the ruler, been smacked by the ruler or escaped the ruler.

Did this article bring back fun memories?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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