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21 March, 2018
Flower theme card idea
Some summer weekends can be all about staying indoors! When it is too hot to step outside, cheer yourself up with the perfect art project that captures the wildflowers of the season. The juxtaposition of clean black and white components of this art project combined with the water colours gives it a pretty look.
Image Source:

What you will need:

1. Start with an ink drawing

What you will need: Image Source:
Sketch the stem and leaves with the ink pen. You can even draw the leaves and stem on a separate sheet of paper with a pencil and then trace it using a lightbox.

2. Time to add colour

What you will need: Image Source:
First, add a couple of drops of water to the green in your palette. Next, paint the leaf to the top left corner and the stem.
What you will need: Image Source:
Take a medium-sized brush and start painting three green lines extending from the top part of the main stem. These three lines will be the connecting points for the flowers to be painted later on. One of these lines needs to be painted curving towards the left while the other two will need to be painted curving to the right.

3. Painting the flowers

What you will need: Image Source:
First, start drawing 14 short lines that curve as they extend from the top part of the stem.
What you will need: Image Source:
Now start adding tiny circles at the tip of every curved line, using blue paint in the same water colour tone. Add a couple of semi-circles at the end of a couple of tips, as shown in the image below.
What you will need: Image Source:
Now use a lighter shade of blue, like turquoise, to paint more circles at the tips of the curved lines. Next, using a contrasting shade of colour like chrome yellow, finish painting tiny circles at the tip of the curved lines. You can switch up the colours as per your liking.
What you will need: Image Source:
Make sure that your flowers have three colours. You can add tiny stems for some of the new flowers as well, just like shown in the image below.

4. Lettering

What you will need: Image Source:
Now you can add the words you want using the drawing ink, to add the finishing touches to your ‘summer flowers’ themed card!

Did you enjoy making this DIY card?

Share your experience with us in the comments below.

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