One Stroke Painting


blog14One Stroke painting is a popular and interesting decorative painting technique where double and multi-loading is used to achieve highlights, shadows and color changes in one stroke.ย  In simpler words, it consists of loading a brush with two separate colours and achieving the shading and highlighting in one stroke.

It’s a very simple technique and yet it gives some of the most interesting combinations, especially when you have different colours on the brush.

The one-Stroke method lets you blend, shade, basecoat and highlight all in one stroke โ€“ and hence makes painting quick and easy. It is perfect for anyone to try especially a beginner, and itโ€™s so versatile that decorative artists of any skill level will enjoy its speed and simplicity.

You don’t need any formal art training or even artistic ability to create beautiful masterpieces on wood, canvas, fabric or any medium. You need to purchase only a few items to get started and learn how to hold the brush right and mix the colours J. This style is so simple. Just 2 colors on a brush yield so many color shades, all in just one stroke. If you’ve always wanted to do decorative painting, but have “2 right hands,” this style is for you. Try it–you’ll love it! ๐Ÿ™‚

This technique does require practice, but keep trying and once you get the hang of it, you will end up making all kinds of pretty things.

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