Make At Home Ganesh Chaturthi Crafts For Kids


The 10 day long Ganpati festival brings with it a lot of positive vibes along with loads of excitement. To add to the fun here are 3 craft ideas that you can create at home to please Lord Ganesha.

1. Umbrella for Ganesha

You will need
• A paper plate
Camlin Plastic Crayons
• Gift Wrapping paper
• Plastic bottle with the cap
• Long candle
Camlin Krafty White Glue

• Start by painting the patterned paper plate with bright Camlin plastic crayons.
• You can ask your parents to cut strips out of the wrapping paper and then cut the edges. Your frills are ready.
• Now stick the frills around the edges of the paper plate.
• To mount the umbrella you will again need one of your parents to flatten the pointed edge of the candle with a cutter.
• Paste the centre of your paper plate atop the flattened end of the candle with Camlin Krafty White Glue, and then stick the base of the candle over the plastic bottle.
• Place your umbrella mount behind the Ganesha idol.
Tip: Make sure you use a bottle that hides behind the idol completely.

2. Ganesha CD Hanging

You will need
• One used CD
• 2 Red card paper
• 2 Outlines of Ganesha
Camlin Colour Pencils
Camlin Glue Stick
Camlin Sparkle Colours
• Golden ribbon
Camlin Drawing Book

• Using the CD, cut circle shapes on the red card papers.
• Run the ribbon through the middle of the CD so you get your handle to hang. Now with the help of Camlin Glue stick each circle onto each side of the CD so that the ribbon handle sticks in place.
• For the 2 outlines of Ganesha you can draw 2 similar picture of your choice in your Camlin Drawing book. Make sure the outline is smaller than the size of the CD.
• Cut out the outlines and with the help of your Camlin Colour Pencils. Colour both the pictures. Use different colours for each to get a colourful effect.
• Now stick the coloured Ganesha images on both sides of the CD.
• Outline the images with your Camlin Sparkle Colours. You can also decorate the background with dot or star patterns.

3. Thermocol Arti plate

You will need
Camlin Supreme Pencils
• A large thermocol paper plate
Camlin Sparkle Colours

• Carefully draw your favourite festive patterns using your Camlin Supreme Pencil on the plate, avoid making holes in the dish.
• Once you have your patterns outlined, get your Camlin Sparkle Colours and carefully colour the designs.
• You can experiment with different patterns and make multiple plates for all 10 days.

Enjoy creating these fun arts and do treat yourself to a lot of modaks for your artistic efforts.

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