How to Use Brush Pens Effectively


Regardless of whether art is just a hobby or a profession to you, owning a brush pen is always handy. They are compact and lightweight so you can take them anywhere. Moreover, Camlin brush pens are very versatile and are a great choice for painting or even sketching. Before you buy one of these, here are a few things you should know.

How to Choose a Brush Pen
Few things to look for in a brush pen are the Fineness, Flow and Flexibility.

Fineness – Brush pens are available in tips of varying thickness. Finer tips are better suited for detailed work, while thicker tips are ideal if you have just started using these.


Flow – The flow depends on how the ink is dispensed from the pen when used for colouring. A smooth and even distribution is always preferred.

Flexibility – This can determine how it’s used. For instance, flexible tips can offer more effects to your artwork, while firmer tips allow better control and precision.

Also keep an eye on the colour and pigmentation of the brush pen. For those who like to mix water colours and inks, ensure the brush pen is waterproof or Copic-proof.

Brush Pens for Calligraphy
Calligraphy is a decorative and artful manner of writing. Sometimes, it can prove rather difficult even with the best tools. This is where brush pens are absolutely great. Because of the tapered, flexible tips, brush pens make an ideal tool for unconventional calligraphy. You can make a perfect down-stroke by exerting a bit of pressure on the tip, and easing up the pressure will yield a beautiful up-stroke.

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Brush pens make drawing strokes with various widths much easier and with a little practice, you can easily master calligraphy.

Brush Pen Art
With all the different benefits, it’s no wonder than brush pens are fast becoming a preferred choice of tool for many artists. In fact, brush pen art is quickly growing in popularity today, simply because it is

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unique in appearance and the tools used for it are rather versatile. Since brush pen tips are flexible, they can be used for creating all kinds of strokes, making it easier to draw or paint. You can experiment with different ways of holding the pen or applying pressure to create your style of art.

So if you are looking for a cool and new art form to master, Camlin brush pens are definitely something you should try out.

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