Heavy body acrylic paint colours vs Artist acrylic colours


When it comes to art and craft, knowing which tools will bring out the best in your work can really help you as an artist. While this comes with some prior experimenting and practice, there are a few basics you must know of, before you start. One such example is to know the difference between the distinct finishing of heavy body acrylic paint versus artist acrylic colours. These basics are very beneficial, especially for beginners.

Here are tips to help you understand the two types of acrylic paint for beginners.

Heavy Body Acrylic Paint

Heavy body acrylic paints are high in viscosity and expressive in nature. These paints have a thick, buttery consistency that is similar to oil paints. This consistency enables the user to conduct colour mixing and blending easily.

This type of paint is able to retain crisp knife marks and brush strokes. Want to blend? A good surface drag with a brush or a palette knife will do the job. The high amount of pigment in this paint produces a rich colour. As a result of all these qualities, heavy body acrylics work beautifully for traditional art techniques that use impasto, brushes and knives that generally require heavier body paint.


Artist Acrylic Colours

These acrylic paints include the soft or the medium body fluid paints. The Artist Acrylic Colours are thin in consistency and have a lower viscosity as compared to the heavier body acrylic paints.

The artist acrylic colours are very good for doing detailing and coverage within smaller areas in a painting. They have the same amount of pigment as that present in the heavier body acrylic paints. In addition to this, these paints come with a soft, creamy consistency, thus ensuring colour purity and intensity.

Artist acrylic colours has a variety of applications such as detailing, staining, glazing, spraying, using alongside water media, dry brush techniques, under-painting and more.



Make sure you try both types of paint to really understand the differences between heavy body acrylic paint and artist acrylic colours. Find out which style suits you best. And last but not the least; stay flexible when it comes to using one technique of painting versus the other. While one technique might help you paint a picture from scratch, another might help you finish it.

Which type of paint are you excited to try first? Do drop a comment and let us know!

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