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Children live with an imagination and curiosity that most adults envy. From flying to the moon to travelling the world, their unwavering optimism lets them believe them that anything is possible. It helps when parents and caregivers help nurture their dreams and passions.

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Here we show you how to build a DIY Globe that will not only get the creative juices flowing, it will also build a healthy curiosity and wonder about the world we live in.

You’ll need:

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Now, the fun part!

  1. If you’re using the balloon, blow it up to capacity or use the ball and secure it on a stand so that all sides are accessible.
  2. Dilute the Krafty glue in some water to make a thin yet sticky solution.
  3. Tear off pieces of paper and glue them to the surface of the balloon/ball using the brush and solution.
  4. Once the whole balloon is covered, let it dry completely – this could take about 24 hours.
  5. Don’t worry about making the surface smooth, the texture will only add to the final product – like waves in the ocean and mountains on land.
  6. After the drying process is over, you should have a paper mache ball.
  7. Use the blue and green Camlin Acrylic Colours to paint the shape of the continents and the oceans using the atlas as a reference.
  8. Outline the shapes of the countries with a Camlin Black Marker but don’t label the names of the countries.

And there you have it; your globe is ready.

DIY globe
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You can use this globe to play a fun game too. Blindfold the person whose turn it is and spin the globe. The person will then need to point to one spot on the globe. To earn a point, they will need to correctly name the country they have pointed to. If they are unable to do so, they’ll be given a forfeit (make it more interesting by making a deck of fun forfeit cards).

Once you and your friends have learnt the names of the countries, increase the game’s difficulty level by asking for one thing that only that country is known for. For example- Italy is known for Pizza, England is known for Buckingham Palace and the Queen.

This is sure to bring hours of fun times for you and your friends. This can even be used as a great game for a family game night.

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