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Are you good at drawing? Do you want to take up Fine arts or Commercial Arts as a final subject in college? Then surely, you may have heard of Elementary and Intermediate Drawing exams. A lot of us have heard of it but may not know all the details. So today, we are making things easier for you by giving you information about these exams all in one place!

The Elementary and Intermediate Grade Examination was instituted in the year 1880 by the Art Directorate of the Government of Maharashtra. It started with 18 students for the first ever examination, moving onto around 2 lakh students who appear for this examination, every year. These exams were instituted with the idea of encouraging and developing an interest of art education amongst young aspiring individuals.

These examinations are generally held in the latter half of September every year. And only those candidates who pass the Intermediate Drawing Grade Examination are admitted to the specialized higher courses like Commercial Art, Fine Art, and Foundation. While it is not compulsory for other art courses like Fashion Design, Interior Design, and Textile, having this additional certification does give you an edge over others. In fact, even some IT and other vocational courses give you a preference if you have taken this exam.

There is a prescribed age limit for students i.e. 17 years for the Elementary & 18 years for the Intermediate Grade Exam. These exams are held in Maharashtra, Goa, Andhra-Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, U.P. and Delhi. The names of the first 60 successful candidates in order of merit for each of the Grade examinations are announced at the examination centres. This exam is open to any candidate, private or candidates from recognized institutions.

Subjects for Elementary


Go ahead, give an exam for a subject you love, or just out of your pure passion for art!

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  1. hi. I am apost graduate student and I want to appear for intermediary exam. Can i appear for the same exam?
    pl do let me know asap.

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