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Holi is one of the many Indian festivals that is celebrated throughout the country by one and all. Known as the festival of colour or the festival of love, it marks the time for people of all faiths and beliefs to come together and celebrate the victory of good over evil, the start of spring and the end of winter. Many see Holi as the festive day of thanksgiving for a good harvest, to forgive and forget and mend broken relationships.

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In preparation for this fun-filled day, Kokuyo Camlin brings to you two interesting ways to share the love at Holi with easy DIY greeting cards. Personalising your Holi wishes is sure to make your friends and family feel even more loved.

Paint Splatter Holi Cards

This easy DIY greeting card for Holi is one of the simplest ways to make your friends and family smile. You’ll need A4 size card paper, Camlin water colours or Camlin poster colours, Camlin Brush pens in Black, old newspapers and a straw. Once you have everything you need, place the old newspapers over your work surface.

DIY Holi greeting card
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Fold your card paper in half. On the front write “Happy Holi” in calligraphic handwriting or as neatly as you possibly can using the brush pen. After the ink from the brush pen has dried, mix some of the water colour or poster colours in water. With the help of the straw, splatter paint across the front of the card. Write a simple message inside and you’re done.

Holi Flower Greeting

This unique greeting can even be used as decoration by the person you give it to, thus making it twice as good. You’ll need a paper plate and bowl, Camlin acrylic paints, some embellishments like pompoms and mirror beads, ice-cream sticks, paper tags and some Camlin Krafty glue.

Holi flower decoration
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Begin by cutting the paper plate and bowl in a scalloped manner to resemble petals. Now randomly paint the sides with the acrylic colours of your choice. Once the two pieces are dry, stick them with the krafty glue and fill the centre with the embellishments. Glue the ice cream stick to act as a handle and write a Holi message on the paper tag before sticking it to the final piece. This gives you a simple and very beautiful Holi greeting.

So there you have it. Why wait, start making these fun greetings as soon as you can and start spreading the Holi cheer!

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