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Along with beautiful, chilly nights, winter in India brings with it cloudless skies that are simply wonderful for star gazing. Not only is this great for spending time with your kids, but it’s also an interesting way to teach them different things, especially about space, galaxies and our solar system. And if you want to make learning fun for them, add craft making to the process. With the use of simple materials, you and your kids can make beautifully craft things from space, like our solar system. Here’s what you need to do.editsolar_system_2_1024x631__1481273700_48680
• Shoe box
• Polystyrene balls (different sizes)
Camlin Acrylic paints
• Wooden skewers
White paint pen
Camlin Krafty Glue
• Clear beading thread
• Sticky tape
• Sequins or transparent beads

Paint the entire interior of the shoe box black. When it has dried make small white dots on the inside with a white pen. These dots will resemble stars in the sky.


Paint the polystyrene balls different with the acrylic paint to represent different planets – red for Mars, yellow for the Sun, blue and green for Earth, and so on. Once dry, pierce skewers through the polystyrene balls and paint them in different colours to represent the different planets. You can also use gold foil paper and cardboard to make Saturn’s ring and stick it down with glue.


When the paint on the planets is dry, take them off the skewers and pass a length of clear thread through each planet. You can use sequins or transparent beads at the base of each planet to suspend it in the middle of the thread. Poke holes through the top of the shoe box and then hang the planets through them. With sticky tape, fix the threads down firmly at the top of the box. To complete the project, you can cover the top of the box with some black chart paper, and your very own home made solar system is ready!

To make your solar system project more fun, you can add a few rockets or aliens to the design. You can either sketch these on the black base or make them out of paper.

This simple and easy craft makes for a wonderful learning experience. You can even play a quiz game with your kids after your project is complete to teach them more about the universe. Not only will your kids have fun, but they will learn something important as well.

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