DIY Diwali Lanterns


Diwali is another reason to make some brilliant art pieces! You can learn how to make different types of paper lanterns and create a beautiful ambience, with a unique décor, during Diwali! What better way to spend your day off with your family than spending it to make some beautiful DIY lanterns, while munching on some of the delicious Diwali snacks!

Here’s a simple Diwali lantern craft that you can literally make while chilling on the sofa and watching TV!

What you need for your DIY Paper Lantern:

• Standard Cardstock
Camlin Pencil
• Eraser
• A thumb tack
• Scissors
• Styrofoam
• Double sided tape
• Templates or stencils for the design you want to create (optional)

What you need to do:

• Lightly sketch on the side of the paper that is visible, the design that you want on your lantern.
• Place your paper on a Styrofoam and start punching in holes along the lines of your design, very carefully, with the
thumb tack. Avoid poking holes too close to each other, or the paper will tear. Continue until you have a dotted line along the entirety of your design.
• Now gently erase the lines you drew, while being careful not closing the holes up.

• Cut out strips of the paper – shorter ones in the size of 4”x11” and taller ones in the size of 6.5”x11”.
• Wrap this cut out from the cardstock around a cylindrical shape like a big candle and paste the double sided tape to secure the lantern together.

*Note: These could pose a high risk if placed around a burning candle, so a flameless candle is recommended.

These make for lovely indoor home décor items during the festive season of Diwali. You can make them in multiple colours to suite the colours of the room you want to place them in! Don’t be shy in trying multiple designs and experiment as much as you want!

Did you enjoy our Diwali DIY art project on how to make round paper lantern? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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