DIY Art Projects for Navratri


Navratri, celebrated for nine nights every year is a post- monsoon festival that is observed in honour of the divine feminine – goddess Durga. During this festival, each day is associated with a colour that is dedicated to each one of the nine avatars of goddess Durga. Navratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm, not only with amazing food but also with the traditional dance of Garba.

Here are 9 DIY art projects that you can do to celebrate Navratri this year!

Day 1: Draw and paint Maa Durga!

The colour associated with the first day of Navatri 2017 is yellow, which represents energy and happiness! Why not begin Navratri this year, by making a beautiful painting of Goddess Durga? All you need is a paper, a Camlin pencil and Camlin Artists’ Water Colour 18 Assorted Colours Set to make this beautiful depiction of the Indian Goddess!

Day 2: Make a DIY Hanuman Mask!

The colour associated with the second day of Navratri is green, which is dedicated to Goddess Brahmcharini who is said to devotedly practice austerity. Hanuman plays a pivotal role in Ramayan. This Navratri, create a Hanuman mask from scratch! Simply draw out the face and the crown. Colour the mask with Camlin’s Sketch Pens. You can even paint it using Camlin’s Acrylic Colour 12 Assorted Colours 12 Set for a richer texture in the colours. Chose a medium of your choice and have a go at it!

Day 3: DIY Decorative Dandiyas!

The colour associated with the third day is grey, which is associated with peace, tranquility, and prosperity of life. To make your decorative dandiyas, all you need is a set of wooden sticks, a tassel of beads or little bells, tape, multi-colored satin ribbons, stones and glue. To begin, you can secure the tassel with a tape. Then, put some Camlin Krafty glue over the wooden stick, attach the satin ribbon of your choice and wrap it around the stick. Voila, your decorative dandiyas are ready!

Day 4: Paint earthen pots!

The colour associated with the fourth day of Navratri is orange, associated with the planet Jupiter and Goddess Durga’s avatar which represents courage. Enjoy this day by decorating and painting earthen pots with Camlin Fabrica Acrylic Colours – available in whopping 73 Shades in 4 varieties – classic, pearl, metallic and glitter. These are specially developed for painting on fabrics, canvas, wood and earthenware. Additionally, you can even decorate using lace, tassels, stones and mirrors using  Camlin Krafty glue.

Day 5: Make a Lantern!

The colour for this day is white and is associated with Goddess Durga’s avatar that is the mother of Skanda (who was believed to be the commander in chief of gods in war against demons). White is for peace, purity and perfection. On this day, make a colourful lantern and light up your home. You can draw the lanterns with Camlin’s Sketch Pens. You can even use Camlin’s Camel Sparkle Colours and decorate the lantern with intricate patterns.

Day 6: Create a scene from Ramayan!

This year, red is the colour for sixth day of Navratri. It is believed to be the colour of Mars and is associated with the sixth form of Mother Durga, known as Katyani. You can make figurines of Ram, Sita, Lakshman, Hanuman, Ravana or Kumbhakaran, out of clay. Dive into the story and recreate it using props like trees, flowers, deer to complete the scene.

Day 7: Make accessories for Kanya Pujan!

The seventh day of Navratri is associated with the colour blue. This colour is dedicated to goddess Kushmandu, the one who represents illusions. If you celebrate Kanya Puja at home, you can take this opportunity to make beautiful, home-made jewellery! Purchase some stretch cord or elastic wire and glass beads, colourful stones, rhinestone beads, bells and wooden beads. Then simply
string together your own personalized bracelets and necklaces as per your liking!

Day 8: Make a Durga Crown!

The eighth day of Navratri is for the colour pink, which is associated with Mercury goddess Maha Gauri. Draw the crown on a paper first. Next paint each section with Camlin Fabrica Acrylic Colours. After the paint dries, cut the crown out. Cut out two bands of paper and paint using a golden colour. Use them to finish off making your crown, as shown below.

Day 9: Make a Raavan Effigy!

The colour for this day is purple and is associated with goddess Maha Gauri, believed to be the mother of all goddesses, yogis, saints, and tantrics. A DIY Ravana effigy can be made using a toilet paper roll or paper cups, stick eyebrows and big moustache using Camlin’s Acrylic Colour 12 Assorted Colours 12 Set, black felt paper, craft paper, poster paints and Camlin Krafty glue . You will need cello tape to stick one cup over the other and fix them together. You can use Camlin Krafty glue anywhere you want to stick the glitter paper onto the cups. Make a cone nose, eyes and a mustache and stick them to Ravana’s face. Cut a long rectangle for the nine heads and make sure the heads are equally divided space-wise, keeping space in the center for the ‘center head’ which you made earlier. Draw the faces on each of the heads and you are good to go!

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