Cherish the Year’s Memories through Art


Another new year is about to roll in. During this time of celebration, how about getting together with your family and friends for some fun art projects?

Here are 3 creative ways you can go about doing that!

1. Handprint art

Did you know that as you grow up, the lines on your palms change? Every time you make art using the imprint of your palms, the imprint will be different! And isn’t it fun to get a little messy with paint from time to time? Get your creative juices flowing and let your ideas shine unbounded with the handprint art!

You will need:
Camlin Pencils
• A pair of scissors
• Chart paper (brown and white)
• Poster putty
• Sponge
• Palette
Camlin Students’ Oil Colour 12 Assorted Colours Set

• Trace your hand on the brown chart paper and cut the shape out from the paper.
• Attach the poster putty to the cut-out shape of your hand and stick it to your white chart paper.
• Add the paint of your choice to the palette and dip the sponge in it.
• Now simply sponge-paint around the hand-print paper hand, with the colours of autumn.
• Gently remove the hand-print.
• Now allow it to dry and once dried, your art is ready to be displayed!

2. New Year Resolution Art:

All those things you have been procrastinating, this is how they can make a fun ‘comeback’! All you need is a plan! New year resolution is art is exactly what you need!

You will need:
Camlin Krafty Glue
• Coloured Popsicle sticks
• Felt
• Scissors
• Decorations for the frame
• Ribbons of your choice
• Papers with resolutions printed on it
• Hot glue

• Write your resolutions on the papers and keep them aside.
• Now, arrange your colourful pop sticks in a square by putting Camlin’s Krafty Glue at the end of each stick to make your frame using.
• After it dries, start decorating your frame with the help of the glue. You can use buttons and jewels or paper cut outs as shown in the image below.
• Once the glue dries, cut out pieces of the colourful felt paper and stick them on your frame to fill in the gaps.
• Cut out a square out of the felt, stick it at the back of the frame and let it dry.
• One by one, take the papers with resolutions printed on them and glue them to the felt.
• Using hot glue, stick the ribbons onto the Popsicle sticks and your resolution art is ready to be hung!

3. DIY Time Capsule

Updating a time capsule is fun, especially because one day in the future you will open it and realise – time is such a wonderful gift… Cherish your memories with this one simple but meaningful art project.

You will need:
• A large used snack tub
Artists’ Acrylic Colour 12 Assorted Colour Set
• Camlin PVA glue
A Camlin paint brush
• A palette
• Decorations (ribbons, sequins, lace,etc)

• Rinse out your snack tub, and paint it after it dries.
• After the paint dries, paint it the Camlin PVA glue and stick your decorations to the tub.
• When it all dries, your time capsule is ready to be filled with mementos such as pictures, tiny gifts, notes, cherished letters, etc.

Did you enjoy our article? Tell us which was your favourite art project out of these! Happy New Year!

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