Camlin to Teach Paper Bag Making Across 500 Schools


We at Kokuyo Camlin Ltd. have always extended our support towards the various initiatives by the Government of India to preserve the environment.

In the recent past, many state governments have banned the use of plastic. But this rule is of no use unless it is implemented by everyone, especially children, who are the future. By incorporating the habit of using paper bags instead of plastic, will help children follow eco-friendly habits for life.

To effectively implement this habit of using paper bags instead of plastic bags, among school children, we have initiated a ‘Paper bag making activity’ in schools across the country.

The plan is to teach students how to make a paper bag using newspapers.


We explained to the students the concept of making bags out of paper during the school assembly and distributed leaflets with a paper bag making activity list – a list containing the material required for this activity (Kokuyo Camlin White Glue, Kokuyo Camlin colours, 1/2 Sheet chart paper or News
Paper, Scissors)

Students were encouraged to visit the nearest stationery shops and ask for White Glue and Kokuyo Camlin colours for this activity.

As reported by our sales team, this activity has been a huge success in generating demand for our White Glue in the retail market.

Students learned how to make paper bags using plain paper

We wanted the students to explore their creativity by making paper bags as unique as themselves! So we asked the students to colour half of the chart paper, which they had to cut and fold. For the glue, we gave them Kokuyo Camlin’s newly launched White Glue to stick the paper bag together. In this way, they made their very own exclusive paper bags, with unique designs that won’t be available even in the retail market! These will also make for exciting DIY Gift bags!

Students also learned how to make paper bags using news papers

With the help of newspapers and coloured plain paper, we taught the students to make 3D paper bags. The bag was made out of the newspapers while the designs included beautiful flowers and whimsical butterflies made out of coloured plain paper pasted on the bag using Kokuyo Camlin White Glue.

This activity was appreciated by the school management/ teachers and the students alike and even saw the teachers’ active participation. Through this activity, we also highlighted that ‘today’s news paper is tomorrow’s waste paper’.

We intend to reach out to over 500 Schools before December 2018 with an approximate participation of over 2 Lakh students.

Here are some of the schools with the highest participation:

• Kadvibai School, Rajkot, Participants: 3332 Students, Conducted by Mr. Sunil Tolani
• Jai Hind School, Pune, Participants: 3162 Students, Conducted by Mr. Kishore Dhokale St. Ursulas School, Nagpur, Participants: 3082 Students, Conducted by Vijay Kutrahe
• Sitaram Prakash School, Mumbai, Participants: 1180, Conducted by Mr. Vinod Yadav
• PKR Jain Girls Hr Sec School, Ambala, Participants: 1000, Conducted by Mr. Parshanth Sobti
• Bhartiya Vidya Mandir School, Ludhiana, Participants: 880, Conducted by Mr. Rohit Kumar
• Purvanchal Vidhya Mandir, Kolkata, Participants: 823, Conducted by Mr.Subha Sankh Banik
• St. Dominic Mat Hr Sec School, Chennai, Participants: 700 Students, Conducted by T. Tamizharasan
• The New Era Public School, Jhansi, Participants: 405, Conducted by Mr. Mohammad Adeeb

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