Benefits of Camlin Grip Crayons for Toddlers


Did you know that most children below the age of four find it difficult to hold a crayon properly? As a result, they use all five fingers to hold the crayon – a grip also known as the ‘immature’ grip or the ‘five finger grip’.

Here are problems toddlers face when they don’t have the right grip:
● Poor motor skills
● Bad handwriting
● Poor hand-eye coordination
● Fatigue
● Discomfort
● Messy work
● Experiencing pain in the hand while writing
● Holes in the paper while writing
● Incorrect posture of the body
● Frequent breakage of the tip of the pencil
● Sore hands
● Reduced speed in completion of tasks
● Lack of confidence + avoidance of participation

The best time to imbibe the right habits to allow for a better grip would be when the toddler is still in nascent stages of development in terms. So, when toddlers are just learning how to colour and write for the first time is the best time to begin grip training. It is during this time that the child uses the whole arm instead of just the hands. With practice, this immature grip will develop into a proper one in time.

Since colouring is one simple activity where the children get to learn, participate and have fun, crayons are usually the first things they come in contact with during their younger years. This makes the shape, size and type of crayons you choose crucial to the development of their motor skills. This will help in the psychological and cognitive development of the child, while also promoting creativity. To further this, Camlin has introduced ‘Camlin Grip Crayons, which is specially designed for kids between ages 3-4 years.

Drawing from years of experience with producing quality stationery products, and knowledge in terms of child-friendly products that promote brain development, Camlin has come up with a product that specifically caters to their needs. Camlin Grip Crayons encourage toddlers to freely indulge in their creative spirit while stimulating brain development and boosting motor skills. These ergonomically designed crayons enhance the toddler’s experience while using them, thereby providing them with the right grip.

Here are some additional benefits of Camlin Grip Crayons:
● Enhancement of fine motor skills
● Improvement of hand-eye coordination
● Stimulation of brain development
● Step towards developing good handwriting
● Washable from non-porous surfaces
● Safe for children and non-toxic, conform to international safety standards EN 71-3

Available in 5 different shades of colours, these crayons are revolutionary in bringing about the ease in colouring for toddlers.

Did you find our blog about Camlin Grip Crayons helpful? If you have tried them, do let us know your experience in the comments below!

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