Acrylic painting for beginners


Have you found yourself in the mood to paint but don’t know what to paint and where to begin? It can feel that way sometimes, especially for people with creative inclinations. Get your acrylic paints out and begin from scratch. You can use Camlin Artists’ Acrylic Colour 12 Assorted Coloured Set for painting.

Here are 5 painting techniques with acrylic paint to chose from, for beginners:

1. Dry Brush:

Use a dry brush and paint – undiluted by water for this technique. Using a dry brush without any use of water will lend a texture and movement to the lines. This creates an interesting looking effect on paper.

2. Washing:

If you dilute acrylic paint using water, you can add depth to your painting by adding a lighter shade, as shown in the picture. It definitely makes your painting look realistic. Unlike watercolor, acrylic paints set permanently.

3. Pointillism:

Painting using dots with paint is a great way to create texture across your canvas. You get to add more than one colour and with subtle variations in colour, you can use this technique to show to create a compelling scene.

4. Flicking:

Dip the brush in water and then in paint. Next, flick the paint across your paper for an uneven splatter effect. This technique works beautifully when you want to create a landscape or a starry night painting.

5. Dabbing:

Using a piece of paper towel or a sponge, go on and dab the colours of your choice. Dabbing paint adds a lot of texture and movement to a painting. For instance, in the painting below, the texture has been perfectly captured with the help of dabbing with a sponge.

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