How to teach kids to identify colours for the first time


Toddlers can be quiet a handful, at times! Wondering what may be the best way to start introducing colours to your toddler? We have a host of ideas that might help you do just the same!

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

1. Plate up a colourful meal!

Involve your little one in cooking with you. While you do that, ensure that you place some pieces of cut, raw, different-coloured vegetables in front of him. Allow him to play with them or eat them. Let him learn the feel and texture of the vegetables as well. While he is engaged in eating, tell him the colour of the vegetables. Make this a regular activity and as the time passes by, quiz him about the colours of each of the vegetables.

However, be sure not to scold the child for not guessing correctly. Kids learn faster when there is an award involved. So you can motivate him to get his favourite pieces from the meal, or a sweet treat at the end, if he guesses right. Make note that this should be a fun activity between the two of
you, never a thing that ‘just has to be done with!’

2. Sing and Rhyme!

Studies have shown that music plays an integral role in the cognitive development of children. Get them a few DVDs that contain audio-visual songs that help your child associate with colours and music, and form a connection so that they find it easier to remember colours in future.

3. Comparison of identical objects

Kids learn new words every day. But if you try and teach them colours using two different objects, they might get confused. It is generally easier for kids to differentiate between a red sock and a green sock than the comparison between a red sock and a green sweater. So when comparing, be sure to take examples of identical objects like red, green, yellow socks.

4. Play games and puzzles

Some more of the things that toddlers enjoy are toys and puzzles. Buy them some brightly-colored and attention- grabbing games, memory games, alphabet blocks and puzzle sets.

Play these games with them and let them explore the world of colours through numbers and alphabets.

5. Colouring books

You can either make colouring books on your own or buy them. In any case, colouring books are a fantastic way to let your kids indulge in playing with colours and to tap into a world of imagination and observation.

You can even ask your toddler to pick the objects they see in these books and draw them by themselves. Help them make this their very own ‘self-made’ colouring book. They will love it!

6. Dabbling in hand painting

As toddlers learn by touching objects while identifying the textures and shape, engage your toddler in finger or hand painting to enhance their creativity and sensory skills. This will definitely grab their attention to the colours being used, especially due to the level of involvement. Be sure to educate them about the colours they are using and correct them if they are remembering them wrong.

7. Colour with crayons

Let your child pick the colours of their choice and help use them for the objects that match. We have a range of products specifically made for the tender hands of toddlers. Camlin Wax crayons are non-toxic and CE certified which conform to child safety standards.

8. Favourite shirts or dresses!

If your child has an inclination towards a particular colour combination, be sure to encourage them to wear it, as this will help them identify colours better. Go ahead and take full advantage of their tendency to lean towards a set of colours more; use it in your lessons on colours.

9. Connect with the nature-lover in you!

Take your kids to rendezvous with nature more often. Whenever you go outdoors, instill in your child the habit of observing the colours. Play a fun little game with them to identify all the colours correctly. The one who wins gets a gift!

Did our tips help you? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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