DIY Ribbon Art for Kids


Ribbons are pretty as well as fun to get crafty with. You can use ribbon pieces that are lying around or full lengths ones that you can buy specifically for your masterpiece.

Here are some easy to make ribbon art ideas at home.

1. Ribbon Wind Sock

You will need
• The inner ring of an embroidery hoop
• Beading string
• Camlin scissors
• A variety of ribbon rolls
• Lobster clasp with a swivel

• Cut the ribbons in 24” each with the help of a pair of Camlin scissors
• Next, take each strip of ribbons and fold it in half over the hoop, tie a tight knot, twice.
• Continue until all the ribbons are tied around the hoop.
• Then, cut four equal parts of the beading string.
• Tie the four lengths at quarter marks around the hoop.
• Tie the other ends of these lengths to a lobster clasp that has a swivel on it which will be used to hang the windsock. Whenever it will spin in the wind, the swivel will let it twist without tangling up in itself.

2. Popsicle stick and ribbon loom

You will need
• Hot glue
• A yarn ball
• Camlin Scissors
Camlin Exam Scale
Camlin Exam Pencil
• A variety of ribbons
• Fabric
• 4 Popsicle sticks

• Using the hot glue, stick each end of the 4 Popsicle sticks into a square shape.
• Place the Camlin Exam Scale on across the Popsicle square and mark the points you want to connect using the yarn, with the help of a Camlin Exam Pencil.
• Tie each string to the square made from the Popsicle sticks, keeping each string parallel to each other.
• Cut out 5 strings out of the yarn ball, using the Camlin scissors.
• Also, cut out some strings of ribbons and fabric.
• Start inserting the ribbons and fabric one by one in the ‘loom’, taking each string over and under the yarn until they reach the Popsicle part. Your colourful Popsicle and ribbon loom is ready!

3. Ribbon Wands

You will need
• Wooden dowel
• A variety of colourful ribbons
• Camlin scissors
• Hot glue

• It is advisable to take help from your parents for the first step which involves cutting the dowel. Ask them to cut the dowel in the length you want and also with sanding off the rough edges.
• Now it’s your turn to participate. Cut out ribbons of the colour you like and tie one end to the dowel.
• Secure them all with hot glue. Let them dry completely. Your magic wand is ready!

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