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Entries closed! Winners will be announced
on June 05, 2023.
Winners announced!

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Kokuyo Camlin Website
Kokuyo Camlin Website

Celebrating the incomparable Vincent Van Gogh’s birth month.

His paintings are an inspiration for artists to make art that is free of restrictions and boundaries, where you find beauty in the unconventional imagination. In this contest, we invite artists far and wide to create the boundless, the unproportionate and the random, with no restrictions.

Create your own vivid art and stand a chance to win a surprise gift.

Kokuyo Camlin Website
Kokuyo Camlin Website

Artists across age groups.

Submit artwork by
March 25, 2024.

Winners will be announced
on April 04, 2024.

Kokuyo Camlin Website
Kokuyo Camlin Website

When creating the masterpiece
Record a video of the process while creating the artwork. This will be used to verify if you get shortlisted. 

When submitting the masterpiece
Upload a picture of your artwork along with the Camel products used to make the artwork.

Note: If the participant fails to submit the video of the art process, the entry won’t be considered valid.

What are the prizes?

Top 3 winners get:

Surprise giveaway: Our expert judge will select the most awe-inspiring entries to win our exclusive surprise giveaway from the Artist Range.

Lifetime Recognition:

Get rewarded with the honour to display your winning art piece on the Camel’s website for the world to adore.

asked questions:

- You can use Camel Products like Acrylic Colours, Oil Colours, Water Colours, Brush Pens or Drawing Pencils for your artwork.
- Remember the submission guidelines while creating and uploading your artwork.
- Submit your entry before the deadline.

The ‘Freedom to imagine: Van Gogh’s style’ Art Contest is Camel’s way of celebrating the birth month of Vincent Van Gogh on March 30, 2024.
It's an opportunity for artists from all age groups to unleash their boundless creativity on canvases. Artists are welcome to create artworks that are unique and are not restricted by rules.

If you are already a member of the Camel Art Community, you can send your entry by clicking the ‘Participate’ button above.
If you are not a member of the Camel Art Community, you must sign up and then participate in this contest.

The ‘Freedom to imagine: Van Gogh’s style’ Art Contest is limited to one entry per participant.

We are accepting submissions from March 18, 2024, until March 25, 2024.

We will announce the winners on the website and by email on April 04, 2024. Our team will contact the winners to get more details.

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.”- Banksy

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