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Camlin Tora Pens

  • Camlin TORA Pens
  • Camlin TORA Pens
  • Camlin TORA Pens
  • Camlin TORA Pens
  • Camlin TORA Pens
  • Camlin TORA Pens
  • Camlin TORA Pens
  • Camlin TORA Pens
  • Camlin TORA Pens
  • Camlin TORA Pens
  • Camlin TORA Pens
  • Camlin TORA Pens

Introducing Camlin TORA, Most enjoyable way to express with  Smoothest writing in variety of colors for fun seeking consumers, that lets express creativity,  and add fun to life. 

Don’t just live a life of black & blue when there’s a spectrum of colors available for you, so express yourself and have some fun with CAMLIN TORA.

Introducing first time in camlin history a colorful range of pens for those who are creative, fun seekers, open to innovation and expressive with I’m different attitude. Camlin Tora is the most enjoyable way to express with the smoothest writing.

What's your Torapanti

Camlin Gel Pen Features:-

  • Available in 8 different colors Coral Pink, Turquoise Blue, Lilac Violet, Scarlet Red, Emerald Green, Tangerine Orange, Ebony Black, and Electric Blue.
  • Available in Cap type & Retractable type.
  • Available in ULV Ink.
  • Available both in Assorted pack of 8 pens & single pen in pouch.
  • Available in 1.0mm Ball pen


  • ULV Ink - Gives ultra-smooth writing
  • Ball pen with 1mm tip size - gives bolder impressions
  • 8 Inks colors- for creative & fun applications
  • 9 mm grip in Cap type pen – for comfortable writing
  • Comfortable gripper in retractable pen
  • Pocket Friendly
  • Elegant design- gives fashion look
  • Assorted packs– easy to carry & manage
  • Loose refills available – ease of replenishment
  • 800m writing length– longer writing
  • Retractable- No fear of losing cap
  • Affordable- Rs. 20 for retractable TORA pen and Rs 10 for cap type TORA pen


  • Better note taking
  • Creative writing
  • Drawing & Art
  • Projects & Craft
  • Planning & Communication
  • Greeting & Envelope decoration
  • Professional use
  • Fun – Time sketching & scribing.
  • Doodling

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Gel Crayons

Introducing Camlin 2 in 1 Geometry & Pencil Box, an innovative school case for students that combines all their mathematical instruments along with necessities from their pencil box.