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Gel Crayons

  • Gel Crayons
  • Gel Crayons
  • Gel Crayons


  • Gel crayons are made for a silky smooth effect
  • The shades are rich and vibrant with superior blending ability
  • The twist mechanism makes it easy to use the colour and highlight
  • The coloured inner cap helps with tip protection and also indicates the shade
  • his product is non-toxic and CE certified conforms to child safety standards.
  • This product is CE certified which complies with European standard EN 1,2 & 3.
  Range Shades
  Gel Crayons Classic 12
  Gel Crayons Neon 6
  Gel Crayons Metallic 6

new launch

Gel Crayons

All-new Camlin Gel Crayons - rich, vibrant colours with a silky smooth effect!