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Fabrica Coneliner

Fabrica Coneliner

Camel Fabrica Cone Liners create colourful 3-D designs or graffiti on fabric. They can also decorate non-fabric surfaces like canvas, wood, earthenware, thermocole and other surfaces. All you have to do is squeeze the tube and make the pattern from the nozzle directly. You could use Fabrica Cone Liners by itself or for outlining / highlighting designs painted with Fabrica colours. Available in 26 Shades in 4 varieties: Classic, Pearl, Metallic and Glitter.

All these colours are permanent on absorbent surfaces. Test their suitability on synthetic fabrics. All Shades are available in 20ml squeeze bottles.

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Gel Crayons

Introducing Camlin 2 in 1 Geometry & Pencil Box, an innovative school case for students that combines all their mathematical instruments along with necessities from their pencil box.