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Camlin Colour Pen Pencil

  • Camlin Colour Pen Pencil

  This is India's first 2.0 mm Colour Pen Pencil which is available in 12 Bright and smooth colours

  • It offers the convenience and fun of non-stop colouring with simple click mechanism
  • It's ideal for your art and craft projects
  • It's Non-toxic and CE certified conforms to child safety standards.
  • It's simple mechanism allows you to easily refill leads
  • It is comes in a beautiful plastic box to store all 12 colour pen pencils together safely along with 12 colour leads refill tube and Sharpener
  Range Shades
  Single blister 1 colour pen pencil with 12 shades lead tube
  Plastic box pack 12 colour pen pencils with 12 shades lead tube

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Gel Crayons

Introducing Camlin 2 in 1 Geometry & Pencil Box, an innovative school case for students that combines all their mathematical instruments along with necessities from their pencil box.