KidZania and KOKUYO Camlin

KidZania Mumbai, has partnered with Kokuyo Camlin to bring customised activities, designed within the Kokuyo Camlin establishment, that will seek to indulge children, between the ages of 4-12, tocreate their own works of art; their own masterpieces. This partnership will give children visiting the KidZania venue the opportunity to become artists and craft makers using products that are sponsored by Camlin.

Camlin Activities at KidZania

The Kokuyo Camlin Arts Studio and Camlin Craft Studio at KidZania Mumbai provide a perfect platform to encourage children to harness their creativity. The activities have been specifically crafted to engage and educate children while triggering their cognitive skill set, bringing to the forefront their imagination and flair for the creative backed by a wide variety of Kokuyo Camlin products for children to use and explore.

  • Kokuyo Camlin Arts Studio - Mumbai

    The Camlin Art Studio will give young artists the ability to hone their skills with the brush and other tools that are made easily available at the site. Activities that children can partake in include - cloth bags painting, designing and personalizing notebook covers and creating wall hangings using geometric figures.

  • Kokuyo Camlin Craft Studio - Mumbai

    For those with a penchant for making things, the Camlin Craft Studio offers up interesting activities like mask and finger puppet making and bird and animal designs that can be pasted onto popsicles. It’s a perfect space to let loose a child’s creativity.

  • Kokuyo Camlin Art, Craft and Painting Studio - Delhi

    The Camlin Art & Craft and Painting Studio is designed to offer children a variety of interesting activities that range from cloth bags painting, designing and personalizing notebook covers, creating wall hangings using geometric figures, mask and finger puppet making and so much more

This partnership allows both entities the opportunity to further the learning process for children by providing them with an engaging and interactive platform.

Monthly Activity




    Pom Pom

    Camlin Products Used

  • Oil Pastels
  • Bold Sketch Pens
  • Gluesticks
  • Krafty White glue
  • Premium Colored Pencils
  • Visitation - 4200+