Did You Know?

Art is the first normal achievement of a child and it helps the child to express his/her experience life, thus giving him/her joy.
Art helps the child to relieve pent-up emotions and leads to positive brain development.
Art increases the power of a child's observation skills, which enables him/her to learn any subject better and also makes him/ her more sensitive.
Art gives the child a great sense of achievement and a realization of their inner innovative urge, thus boosting their self-confidence.
Art increases the child's power of perception and visualization, thus speeding the process of education.
Art knows no language barrier and makes understanding of subject matter easier.
Art helps to increase a child's power of concentration.
Art helps develop the muscles in the hand and fingers (fine motor skills), which leads to improvement in handwriting as well as other skills.
Art increases and enhances the creativity in a child and brings about certain mental disciplines e.g. it helps with drawing better diagrams in other subjects, helps them to maintain a sense of tidiness that translates to being neat in their work and at home.
Art helps one to have better aesthetic values and appreciate the best in others.
Art helps to create an overall balanced personality in a child; it becomes his/her way of life.
Art makes a child more imaginative and creative which enables him/her to face future challenges in a more innovative manner.
Art helps a child realize his/her unique abilities which make him/her emotionally strong enough to face the challenges of the rat-race in the future.
Art helps a child to express trauma, violence, abuse, and harassment that they may face in life; that which cannot be expressed in words. A good teacher or therapist can diagnose the problem, through a child's paintings and provide the appropriate help.

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