Camlin Events

At Kokuyo Camlin, we believe in taking up the initiative to give back to the community and bring smiles whenever possible. Browse through the Camlin events and individual photo galleries to learn more.

Camlin Draws For Drought

To raise money for the drought affected areas across the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, Camlin’s ‘Draws for Drought’ brought 60 known artists together for the activity. Partnering with the Vandana Foundation, the auctioning of the artwork of these artists brought in funds to help with the affected areas.

Camlin Wall Art Project

It started in a small village in Bihar and spread to various parts of the country; Camlin’s Wall Art Project is another creative activity from the company to help make learning more enjoyable for children. Kokuyo-Camlin’s Indo-Japanese group of artists were on hand to help the children decorate their classrooms and transform them into creative spaces for learning.

Camel Colour’s Cartist Project

Camlin’s Cartist project is certainly one of the most creative ways to bring artists together. 10 Tata Nanos were transformed into rolling works of art in Jaipur. Using Camel Artists’ Acrylic Colours as the medium, these artistic individuals seemed quite excited to showcase their talents on such a unique canvas.

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