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08 August, 2022
Have you ever wanted to turn a glass bottle into a beautiful piece of art? Well, now you can!
Camel Glass Colours are perfect for all artists who want to create their own unique pieces of art. You can create all sorts of different effects with these colours, from simple patterns to intricate designs. No need to mess around with brushes - just squeeze out the colour where you want it and watch it dry!

Prepping the bottle

Take a bottle of your choice and remove the label from the bottle, by soaking it in warm water for a few minutes. Make sure it is completely clean and dry on the inside and outside before you start painting.

Time to colour!

Step 1:

Start with a sketch on the bottle using closed lines as a border that you can later fill with colour. If you are unsure of what to draw, you can either print out a design and slip it into the bottle to guide you or sketch your design using a white colour pencil and have a dark workstation to see the outline easily.

Step 2:

Use the Glass Liner directly on the surface of your bottle over your guidelines or freehanding is a definite option as well! Its nozzle helps create a thick colour for a clear outline. The acrylic-based paste in the tube dries quickly so set your bottle aside and grab your colours.

Step 3:

Once dry, fill in the spaces with Water Based Glass Colours in the shades of your choice. These vibrant colours are safe to use and dry slowly so you have time to blend and create your desired results. Be sure to pop any bubbles for the colours to be even and let it dry for a few hours.
Voilà! It’s that easy to reuse your old glass bottles and turn them into beautiful decor. You can also paint over windows, glasses, coffee mugs or white ceramic with this product without worry (although we recommend using gloves).
Add colour to your daily objects easily now!

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“An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one.”- Charles Cooley

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