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08 August, 2022
Painting on denim is a great way to add some fun and colour to your wardrobe.
Here are 3 products that can help create your very own custom denim jacket: Camel Fabrica Medium 1, Camel Fabrica Acrylic Colours, and Camel Interchangeable Speciality Brushes.

Before you start

Fabrica Acrylic Colours are permanent on fabric. So, be sure to wear an apron when working with it. You can also use a drop cloth or a plastic sheet between the front and back to avoid unwanted colour seepage.

Let’s get started!

Step 1:

Open your jacket and place it on an even surface. Ensure that there are no creases so that you have a nice flat surface to paint over.
Pro tip: You can also drape it on a canvas, button it up from behind and place it on an easel - gravity will keep it in place!

Step 2:

Use masking tape to create a crisp border and avoid painting over any sections. This is completely optional and depends on your painting.

Step 3:

Take your Camel Fabrica Acrylic Colours on a palette. Mix Camel Fabrica Medium 1 to these soft, skin-friendly colours to thin the colours a little more. The medium ensures that the painting does not make your denim stiff after the painting dries and adds shine, brilliance and permanency to the colours. If you don’t have a medium, that’s okay too!

Step 4:

Open your Camel Interchangeable Speciality Brushes assorted pack of 8 which includes a liner brush, 2 handles, and 7 brush heads (Rake, Dagger, Deers Foot, Cat’s Tongue, Angular, Fan, Filbert). Fit your desired ferrule on the handle securely and begin painting!
Use a generous amount of paint since the denim will soak up a lot of the colour. Refrain from diluting the colours with water to enjoy maximum vibrancy.

Step 5:

Once you complete your painting, leave it to dry for 72 hours. It is then officially, ready-to-wear!
As for wash care, it is recommended to only do a cold wash, followed by air drying. You can also paint on jeans or any other fabrics to add some dimension and personality to it! Again, just make sure to separate the two sides so that there is no seepage of colours to the other side.
Happy painting!

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October 28, 2023

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“Art is not what you see but what you make others see.”- Edgar Degas

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