Why is artistic development important for children!



It is amazing how a box of crayons can keep kids occupied for hours. Art & Craft is a whole load of fun and a blessing for parents too – a chance to get some ‘me’ time while the kids are busy. Unfortunately, in our education system, very often, art is not given the importance it deserves and children are encouraged to spend more time on conventionally academic subjects. You will be surprised that there are tons of other benefits associated with art.

Art is a medium for self expression: Art helps kids to open up, share their feelings, and express themselves in creative ways that are often a mirror to their personality.

Art fosters right-brain development: The right brain is associated with thinking and problem solving. It helps kids focus and relax at the same time, improves their concentration levels and stimulates their memory. Quite obviously, art is very vital for a well rounded education.

Art helps develop social skills: Studies show that art helps kids develop strong social skills. It is especially helpful for kids who have family problems, are struggling with difficult emotions and are unable to express themselves openly or have a hard time talking about their issues.

Art is a source of amazement: Most kids love being surrounded by crayons, play dough, colours, glitter, paints, paper and the fact that they are allowed to be messy and be who they are. Creativity is always messy and kids almost get an official license to be creatively messy!

Encourage Art. In order to encourage kids – keep aside a dedicated space for their art work or even a square table would do. Let the supplies be in plain eye sight for them to use at any time. Don’t bother too much about the outcome – the creative process is more important. Be generous with compliments and do not criticise. Help them only when you think they are stuck and they ask for your inputs.

Let their imagination run wild and remember, a sun need not always be a Yellow or an Orange.  Explore the range of Kokoyu Camlin products for your children. http://www.kokuyocamlin.com/products.html

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  1. The author is absolutely right; there’s no better way of keeping your restless little one busy that giving him a box of crayons. I am a working mom and managing my child became a big problem for my in-laws. Even the nanny appointed to look after my child when I was away failed to stop his unwarranted mischief. Things changed as soon as he was given a box of crayons and introduced to the world of art.

  2. I am a mother of a child with ADHD. Among many advices provided by the therapist one was exposing him to the world of art and craft. This suggestion from the doctor really worked; the symptoms have become significantly milder. The points raised in this post repeat my doctor’s view on the effect of artistic development on a child.

  3. I am really thrilled to know that artistic development helps in improving social skills of a child. My kid is really introvert and is never ready to go out and play with other children in the locality. I’ll buy him a box of crayon today; let’s see what happens.

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