Three fun art ideas for this summer


It’s that time of the year when kids are at home all day and have a lot more time on their hand. This summer, you can help your kids use their time productively and enjoy themselves by indulging them in simple and fun art projects.

There are plenty of easy art projects that can be done at home. What’s more – one of the best feelings in the world is connecting with your kids, sharing such fun moments that they will treasure throughout their lifetime.

All you are required to do is set up everything and then sit back and wait for your little artist to surprise you!

Here is a collection of three art ideas for you and your kids:

Cotton Ball Painting

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You will require cotton balls, paper, clothespins, Camlin oil pastel (water-based) and a palette. If you don’t have a palette at home, empty plastic bottle caps will work just fine.

Apply the Camlin oil pastels onto the palette, or add a little into each of the plastic bottle caps. Next, attach the clothespins to the cotton balls so that your kid can use them like paintbrushes.

That’s it! Now let them do ‘their thing’ and enjoy the process of creating something colourful. It is very easy to do and your kids will love it!

Bubble Wrap Painting

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 This art project will make you want to save the bubble wraps you normally throw away. What you will need is paint, scissors, scrap paper, bubble wrap and some pieces of white paper.

Cut a piece of bubble wrap in the same size as that of the white paper. Fold the sheet of scrap paper and use it as a palette for the paint. Chose the colours you want to use and apply them on the scrap paper. You can start with only one colour, or encourage your kid to mix and blend the different colours of the paint that you have.

To begin, press the bubble wrap onto your scrap paper palette. The bubble wrap will take on the paint from the scrap paper. At this point, all you need to do is press that bubble wrap on the white paper. Lift the paper and an imprint of the bubble wrap design will appear. This is a great way to ‘brighten up’ your day.

Spray Bottle Painting

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Spray bottle painting is simple and a lot of fun! And if you want to step-up the excitement, take the project outdoors.

What you will need is masking tape, spray bottles, water based paint, aprons to avoid staining your clothes and a paper canvas.

If you are planning to have your kids do this inside the house, then tape the paper canvas to a wall. Fill the different spray bottles with your kid’s favourite colours. Remember to put on your aprons and you are good to go! Let your kid spray the paints on the paper, and watch some pretty cool art take shape!

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