The most expensive Indian Painting sold at $3.7mn!


Year after year, the record for the most expensive Indian Painting has been progressively increasing! Previously held by ‘Saurashtra’, a painting by SH Raza was sold at for around $3.5 mn in 2010.

This record was surpassed on 19th Dec 2014 at the Crystal Ballroom in the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai where Christie’s held its first sale in India. The Ballroom was filled with collectors and enthusiasts with an interesting array of paintings on sale.

The spotlight of the auction was stolen by an untitled painting by Vasudeo Gaitonde that is today considered the most expensive Indian painting. It was sold at a whopping $ 3.7 million (Rs 23,70,25,000).

It is a delicately magnificent painting with sublime shades of yellow and oranges. The intricate patterns pave way for the viewer to weave multiple interpretations of its lines and curves.

In all of his paintings, Gaitonde has always maintained a “non-objective” stance as opposed to being an abstractionist. He believed that his painting was his first, last and ideally his only valid artistic statement.

Despite the high regard his peers have for his work, Gaitionde’s life and work has remained understudied in the genealogies of 20th-century world art.

His untitled painting will now be immortalized by a private collector in America.

“If one is fortunate, painting continually happens within oneself.”—Vasudeo Santu Gaitonde (1924–2001)

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