The benefits of colouring book for adults


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The fact that art is immersive makes it a very fulfilling hobby to have. It can help you take your mind off of your routine, when things get stressful. Taking the same thought ahead, adult colouring books/kits have now become a rage internationally, giving people a way of de-stressing and calming themselves.

Art has a number of benefits. Here are some everyone needs to know:

  1. Art is a stress reliever:

Did you know that the late, renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung would often prescribe his adult patients the task of colouring books! His analysis of the human psyche was always ahead of his time. He would use the art done by his patients to understand their emotional and mental states. Psychologists today prescribe colouring as a means of meditation to help them get into a calmer state. Over a period of time it has been proven that art has many psychological benefits, especially relieving stress. Colouring can help shift attention from what is bothering someone and keep them distracted until the disturbing emotion passes.

  1. Art helps you release pent up emotions:

One can lose oneself in creating art for hours and the kind of a release art offers is perfect for expressing any type of emotion – be it anger, sadness or bliss! This makes art a very special medium of personal expression, not only for children but also for adults. It is one of the healthiest ways to deal with disruptive feelings or mood swings. Don’t keep them in. And if writing is not your thing, pick a colouring book and start colouring!

  1. Art helps those with PTSD and anxiety:

PTSD is short for post traumatic stress disorder – it is a state that follows any incident that could be life changing, in some way or the other, for the person experiencing it. Activities such as colouring help calm down anxiety and stress issues caused due to over thinking. The best part about colouring is that it requires a good amount of focus to make sure you are colouring inside the lines. This way, the colouring activity capitalizes on the science that you can only concentrate on the colouring inside the lines and not anything else at the same time.

  1. Colouring brings back childhood memories:

Childhood is a time when life was simpler, easier. We had our parents to take care of major things and all we had to do was study and play. Many of you probably enjoyed colouring as a child and doing the same activity again as an adult actually creates a state of mind that is relaxed and happy, identical to how things were when the person was a child.

  1. Colouring also has intellectual benefits:

Our frontal lobes are responsible for a higher level function of the brain. Colouring detailed pictures stimulates these areas of our brain and the part of our mind that is used to solve complex problems is activated. Use this opportunity to consider complex colour schemes and making the picture as aesthetically pleasing as possible. It is a fun way to pick your brain.

  1. Colouring helps practice mindfulness:

If you are feeling a strong emotion, you can colour through it. Before you begin, close your eyes and imagine what colour that emotion looks like. Then begin colouring with that colour. Don’t hold back, colour through your feeling and you will notice as the feeling, gradually reduces when done mindfully.

So go on, pick your colours and get to it! If you liked this article, leave us a comment in our comments section! Share it with your family and friends and help us spread the awareness about the benefits of colouring. Also, do check out the Camlin Adult colouring kit here.

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