Simple ways to make art space for kids



In order to encourage kids towards art or develop any kind of interest, kids need to be given a dedicated art space, where they can let their creative juices flow and get that imagination running. It could be that place they can turn to, when they have the urge to create, leave it unfinished and come back to finish it, when the mood strikes once again!

Here are six simple ways to create that art space for kids:

1. An art table/desk – Keep a table exclusively for art. Add paper and drawing material and keep supplies handy so that that’s the table they run to, when they are bursting with art ideas.

2. An easel – An easel is awesome because it does not take up too much space in your house and yet, is a dedicated art space.  Keep it always equipped with paper and supplies and keep it near a window so the kids can get inspired by what they see outside and can get right to it.

3. An Art Wall – Make a portion or an entire wall, a dedicated art wall. This is a sure shot way of encouraging the stuff they make by displaying it to all who enter your home.

4. Outdoor space – Kids get more inspired if they are outdoors. So create a space in your balcony or a garden where nature itself becomes a source of inspiration. Also, it will be a lot easier to clean up (:

6. Make the kids bedroom an art studio for a day – Try converting their bedroom into an art studio – Let them explore and feel like true artists for the day, where they can leave a project in progress to come back to later, where they can be messy and it is officially allowed.

Remember, sometimes the art space needs to move around, change the materials occasionally, add new stuff, make different and interesting art projects etc to encourage and sustain and continue that interest in art.

Are you encouraged to do something similar for your kids or do you already have something on these lines? We would love to hear from you.


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