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Kids are extremely creative and it’s up to the adults to help them realise their potential while encouraging them. We, in turn, need to help them find creative ways to express themselves while teaching them to be resourceful. Here are some interesting ways how we can help them do just that; using “junk” or stuff just laying around the house, we can help our kids create some interesting, repurposed and useful items.

Photo frame tray

A discarded, but intact photo frame can be converted into a serving tray that would prove to be quite handy. Start off by making sure that there are no splinters etc. to ensure your child doesn’t hurt him/herself while working on this project.

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Start by asking your kid to paint the frame with Camlin Artist’s Acrylic paints to give it a fresh and new look. Next, find old aluminium door handles, of the same type, that you can use for handles. Help your child either super-glue or screw these into the sides of the frame. For the inside of the frame, wrap and stick some colourful fabric onto a cardboard with Camlin Krafty Glue. This will be the base sitting under the glass of the frame and will add a creative touch to the tray. You can ask your little one to serve guests on their customised try which will undoubtedly be a great icebreaker and teach your child how to interact with adults better.

Key wind chimes

It’s time to put all those old keys you probably have lying around, to good use. Here’s a simple, but fun do-it-yourself project that you can enjoy with your kids, this monsoon season. You will require a bunch of old keys that you’re not using anymore, some string, scissors, circular metal hoop, ribbons, Camlin Krafty Glue, Camlin Artist’s Acrylic paints. Pick out the colour you want for your keys (more colours the better) and paint them all – front and back. Pick out a colourful ribbon that you’ll need to wrap the metal hoop with. Stick the ends of the ribbon to the hoop so it stays in place.

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Cut the string into equal lengths and tie each piece to the metal hoop. Make sure that each is separated from one another by an equal distance. After the paint on the keys has dried, tie the end of the string to each key. For the final touch, use 4 pieces of string, attached at 4 corners of the hoop, and joined together at the tip, to create a way to hang your colourful wind chime. Now just hang it up and wait for a breeze!

Bottle Caps frame for a wall mirror

Here’s a great way to make use of those old plastic bottles lying around the house. Have your child collect all the plastic bottle caps they can in as many colours as they can. Pick three or four different colours (if possible). Get out your old wall mirror and ask your child to glue the caps around the centre in a colourful mosaic design. Camlin’s Gum and Paste will be quite handy here. This will add a colourful frame for the mirror and let your child get creative.

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