Rainy day craft with bubble wraps


Children, especially preschoolers, often get bored if they are not given an engaging activity to participate in during the monsoons. A great way to make a gloomy rainy day at home, fun could be by creating art with your kids. So,simply turn your child’s attention towards creating some fun rain-inspired artwork instead.

Learn more about rain crafts for preschoolers with our how to make rainy day craft ideas. This will help you ensure your child is not only learning something new from you, but also having fun while at it during those long rainy days!

Here is a great rainy day craft idea with bubble wrap.


What you will need:
● Bubble wrap
Camlin paint brush
● Chart paper
Camlin White Glue
● 2 sheets of white paper
● Scissors
● Blue paint
● Circular shape to trace a circle

Steps on how to make a rainy day craft with bubble wrap:

Making the umbrella:

We will begin by making the shape of an umbrella on a piece of paper. To make this shape, trace a circle on a coloured chart paper. Draw a horizontal line on the circle, across the diameter of the circle. Next, draw the scalloped bottom edge of the umbrella, to represent the bottom part of it.


Take a different coloured chart paper to draw a straight line, to make the handle of the umbrella. Cut these shapes out using scissors.


Gluing the umbrella:

Place the cut out of the umbrella and handle on a white paper and glue it into place.

Making it rain:

Place the other white paper on top of the umbrella shape you have previously drawn and trace another circle directly over it, as shown in the image below. Next, draw lines going straight to the bottom from the edges of the umbrella. After drawing the circle and straight lines, cut this shape out.


Add the bubble wrap art:

Place the cut out mentioned in the above step exactly on top of your umbrella drawing such that this cut out covers it. Place this paper over the bubble wrap and cut out a shape same as the paper cut out.


Place the cut out white paper in the shape of the umbrella and the straight lines, on the umbrella to cover this space up. Paint the bubble wrap with blue paint and lay it on your paper. Now, carefully remove the paper covering your
umbrella. Paint some clouds and add some design to your umbrella to finish up. Set this painting aside to dry.


Once this painting dries, your rainy day craft with bubble wraps is ready!

Did you like this rainy day craft idea? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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