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For us at Camlin, green is more than just a colour! From the past few years, we have partnered with The Army, school kids, teachers and employees to plant more trees. Apart from making learning fun, campaigning for the conservation of the environment is a cause that is very dear to us, which is why we have been involved in tree plantation activations every year to contribute to this cause.

Here is a glimpse of our contribution to tree plantation so far.

Camlin Green India Challenge – 2015

Advantages of tree plantation are many and trees play a vital role in fighting global warming. On World Environment Day in 2015, we partnered with the Uttarakhand Government to plant one lakh trees in a day.

Kokuyo Camlin and 130 Eco Task Force, who have been assigned by Government of India to fight deforestation in the hills of Uttarakhand, along with the help of 6000 school children, were entrusted to plant these saplings in Pithoragarh. As a tribute to that day, we organized tree plantation competition amongst our employees of Camlin’s factories located at Taloja, Tarapur, Tarapur, Samba, Vasai, Goa and Sangli.

The factory that had the most number of trees planted per employee was awarded an appreciation certificate and winner’s trophy.

To take our initiative for tree plantation further ahead, we created a microsite that allowed users to adopt trees virtually, which were then planted in real locations across India. For every 10 trees the user adopts in creating this virtual forest, we planted a real one. The users were gifted a Camlin Mechanical pencil on adopting their first virtual tree and the top 5 of the user who planted the most trees won a Camlin hamper each. Know more about this initiative here:

Camlin Green India Challenge – 2016

Deforestation has been a major reason behind landslide. It leads to soil erosion, which impacts the water, and subsequently the village’s water supply.

In 2016, we organized a tree plantation initiative wherein the 130 BN Eco Task Force assigned by the Government of India to fight deforestation in the hills of Uttarakhand, helped us achieve our goals of planting trees. Aside from them, we also received a participation of more than 10,000 school children, teachers, civilians, civil servants in planting 10 lakh saplings in a single day to make the Kumoan Hills green once again. The District Forest Officer Dr. I. P. Singh himself joined the plantation activity with his team and also appreciated the efforts put in by the volunteers.

We also created awareness about tree plantation and the initiatives we took across social media platforms in the hopes to inspire children and parents become conscious and responsible towards the environment.

Rally for Rivers Tree Plantation Drive – 2017

As the roots of trees hold soil together, a possible landslide can be avoided. Trees thus play a vital role in environmental conservation. This in turn helps ensure the rivers aren’t polluted/blocked due to frequent landslides.

In order to save our rivers, Kokuyo Camlin joined hands with Isha Foundation’s ‘Rally for Rivers’ Tree Plantation Drive – a drive that would stretch operation from Kanyakumari till the Himalayas. The project was the brainchild of spiritual guru Sadhguru – founder of Isha Foundation.

An essay writing competition based on the theme ‘Rally for Rivers’ was also conducted for the school children from 5th to 7th Standard. The goal was to encourage children to think about how they can help conserve the environment. The children used Camlin eco-friendly Mechanical pencils, to write the essays. The students were made to take a pledge by saying “We, the students of “school’s name”, will Rally for Rivers!”

Camlin’s tree plantation drive with India’s Eco Taskforce on National Teacher’s Day – 2018

To continue creating awareness among future generations about the importance of trees in our life, we conducted a major tree plantation drive with the aid of 129 BN Eco Task Force (ETF) of Territorial Army, along with students on National Teacher’s Day, at the Samba district of Jammu and Kashmir.

On Teacher’s Day, as a dedication to their teachers, students from schools all over Jammu and Samba region participated in this event. A competition was also held, where in the students were asked to write down a few lines on ‘importance of trees in our life’ in correlation to a teacher.

This event received a dedicated participation from over 5,500 students, about 300 teachers in over 550 locations, all over Samba District. We successfully planted 5000 saplings during this plantation drive.

In alignment with our goal to create a greener world, we introduced the Camlin Klick 0.7 mm pencil which is made from 50% recycled plastic, making it an environmentally-friendly choice. This mechanical pencil comes with features like soft grip, no sharpening needed, leads that are easy to refill, B fine crystalline lead that gives a dark, bold and smooth handwriting.

All in all, as an environment-conscious brand, we look forward to forge powerful connections with more #GreenWarriors in our quest to create a more beautiful, greener earth in the years to come.

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