Painting the shades of autumn with oil pastels


The start of October marks the season change from monsoons to autumn, which can also be gauged by the introduction of beautiful fall colours. It is a time when the colours of the leaves begin shifting from shades of a deep green to different shades of red, orange and yellow – making just the landscape for a gorgeous painting! Many artists enjoy recreating landscapes with such distinct colours with oil pastels. While it may seem a little daunting, painting an autumn landscape with oil pastels is not as tough as you would think. Try this art project for a step-by-step tutorial on how to paint an autumn landscape with oil pastels.

What you will need:
Camlin Oil Pastels
Camlin Canvas
A picture reference of a tree taken during autumn
Acrylic matte medium
Camlin brush

Learn how to paint an autumn tree with oil pastels with the following simple steps.

Step 1: The underpainting

With the goal to produce a painting of a beautiful tree in autumn effortlessly, begin sketching the bark of the tree with colours such as dark grey and earthy brown. This depiction of the autumn tree doesn’t have to be perfect – if the shapes of the leaves overlap, it is alright. This effect resembles in reality, the wind blowing through the leaves during this season. Also colour the background with a burgundy red, as shown in the image below. This will later help serve as the right filler when painting leaves.

Once your tree trunk and the background are finished, apply a layer of acrylic matte medium with a paint brush. The matte medium will dry fast and the wrinkling will be minimal.

Step 2: Layering of bold colours

Now that the under painting is in place, you can start layering pastel colours of dark shades with bold strokes. You will be colouring lighter values over the darker ones. Add black to the trunk if you want the shadows to be highlighted more.

Next, add leaves with brighter colours like shades of orange, yellow and red. Also add leaves of greenish yellow to add a nice contrast. Allow some spaces in between the leaves on the top corners to colour in the sky with light blue colour.

Step 3: Adding details

Add the finishing touches to your painting by paying closer attention to details like the shapes on the bark and branches along with the play between light and shadows. So add these details to your painting at this point.

Once you give the finishing touches, your painting will look something like the picture below. The beauty of this painting is the freshness of the unblended coloured marks that compliment it with a rich sense of movement along with the added benefit of the contrast.

With a painting that is an enigmatic reminder of the season of autumn to come, simply hang your masterpiece, sit back and enjoy the view!

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