Paint your heart out with the exotic fall colours!


Picture1What exactly are fall colours? This phenomenon affects the normally green leaves of many deciduous trees and shrubs by which they take onvarious shades of red, yellow, purple, and brown, during a few weeks in the autumn season(Wikipedia). It usually occurs around October in the Northern Hemisphere. Before the leaves fall out, they present to the viewer a riotous and mind boggling display of colours. What better place to grab inspiration for painting?Explore the fall colours in paint!

To do this activity, you will need the following: (All available at – Different shades of Red, Yellow, Orange, Green and Brownoil pastel colours, drawing pencils, canvas or paper and colour pencils to draw /highlight.

Step 1
Draw scenery that you like with a drawing pencil.

Step 2
After the pencil sketch is finished, start dabbing colours onto it using oil pastel colours – Use a tissue to prevent your other hand from smudging the painting.

Step 3
Scrape bits of the Yellow, Orange and Red oil pastel colours onto the painting and pat them on.

Step 4
Use pencil colours to highlight the branches and add more volume &depth to the painting.

Step 5
Add the other details like the grass, sky and smudge it lightly with your fingers.

Step 6
Add finishing touches by giving more effect to the grass.

Step 7
All done.
(courtesy – Drawing Stack)

Hope you are inspired enough to do this on your own. We would love to hear and see some of your paintings as well!

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