Mysterious Fireflies Art


India is famous for fireflies! They may be common, all over the world, but to be able to experience their presence is indeed something special. Especially when seen in groups, they seem like they have arrived straight out of a secret magical kingdom, only known to the garden fairies! Dancing in the dark, the fireflies sure do inspire some really cool art!

Here is a creative project inspired by these magical creatures!

What you will need:

• One large empty green bottle
• Three 12 inches pipe cleaners in black (for the legs and
• Glow stick
• Green chart paper (for thorax and wings)
• Foam
Camlin Krafty Glue
• Scissors
• Googly eyes


• Begin by cleaning out the soda bottle. Soak it in warm water and then remove the label. Let it dry.

• Cut out a rectangle and wrap it around the bottle. Use the Camlin Krafty glue and stick it to the bottle.

• Take out those pipe cleaners and twist them around the bottle as shown in the picture shown. Then bend them so that they look like legs of the firefly.

• Cut out the wings from the foam and stick them to the bottle.

• Activate the glow stick and place it inside. (You can make many of these fireflies, each with a different colour of glow stick)

• Put back the painted bottle cap and then stick the eyes to the cap.

• Next, twist the pipe cleaners around the cap for the firefly’s antennae. Your very own firefly is ready!

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