Making Kids Birthday Parties Fun With Camlin


Birthdays are very special days! A day that’s meant to make children feel loved, wanted and appreciated….and of course, to spoil them rotten as well! Most kids look forward to this one day, the entire year. And the best way that you and your kid can make this day super special, is by using your creativity! Here, we show you how!


1. Get your child to make his/her own invitation by drawing on a card paper and colouring it (with crayons, pastels, water colours – let them pick and choose). The thrill of making one’s own invitation can’t be beaten by a store bought card. You can even keep your theme in mind and draw something related, when making the card. Get the kids excited even before the party begins.

2. Make your own party decorations with balloons and streamers used in a variety of ways.

3. Pick up a DIY kit as return gifts for the other kids. They can even take back the unique pieces of art that they have created, as party favours. There are tons of products to choose from, from the Camlin website.

4. Have activities centred around your theme which will make it a lot more fun.

Most kids will love having an art party where the supplies are endless. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to be creative especially since there is no gender or age limit for an art activity.

You can choose from a variety of activities for the children depending on their age and interest levels or you can even choose to combine a few of these together:

– Drawing/ sketching
– mask making
– Painting
– 3-D activities
– Scrapbooking

Take the kids into an exciting world of colour with pencils, pastels, water and poster colours, crayons, books, modelling clay, oil, acrylic, fabric colours, canvases, glitter and sparkle which will keep them asking for more.

We would love to hear from you about how you use Camlin products to make your birthday parties memorable. Do write to us.

For gifts for birthdays as well as return gift ideas, please go to our website:

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  1. My daughter’s 11th birthday has been celebrated in an extremely creative manner thanks to this wonderful article. Not only her friends were happy, but their parents were also beaming to see the kids doing such creative things with so much ease and pleasure.

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