Kokuyo Camlin Celebrates a Very Special Children’s Day with Jai Vakeel


For Kokuyo Camlin, Children’s Day is always very important as they are the focus of most of our efforts. We conduct many activities on the occasion and also support a number of third-party initiatives to celebrate the day dedicated to the future of our nation, every year. However this year the day became really special as the Kokuyo Camlin team celebrated the occasion with the special children at the Jai Vakeel School. Both the organisations have been in touch with each other for a long time and finally culminated in a meeting on Children’s Day; it was worth every minute of waiting.


The fun started with the word “Go”! After we greeted the children and their teachers for Children’s Day, the festivities started off with a magic show. The magician presented some exciting tricks for the packed hall and was an instant hit with the kids. He involved many of the children in his tricks and enthralled them with his performance while keeping up with the beat of the music.

The magic show was followed by an appearance of the one of today’s favourite TV cartoon characters, Chhota Bheem. No sooner did make his entrance; no child in the audience was able to sit still. Everyone wanted to meet him, greet him, dance with him and take selfies. It was hard establishing order in the auditorium but the teachers all pooled in and finally calmed the crowd. The children were divided into groups and were photographed with their idol, Chhota Bheem who also distributed sweets and gifts.


Kokuyo Camlin’s National Children’s Day with Jai Vakeel was full of fun and frolic not only for the students but for the staff of the institution as well. These students face developmental issues related to the brain, but their heart was as fun-loving and full of joy as any other child; being with them was almost like therapy. Camlin’s team were given a tour of the school and the various sections and facilities of the institution. The smiles and happiness on the faces of these special kids made this Children’s Day very, very special for all of us.


Situated in the heart of South Mumbai, Siwri, on a 12-acre plot, Jai Vakeel is dedicated to the care, education, therapy, and training of mentally challenged children. It started with one child of the eponymous family and now hosts 700+ children from different backgrounds. It is a wonderful institution as catering to a large population of differently-abled children is a huge responsibility and we were happy to see that the staff was well equipped and experienced, taking good care of them.


So, here’s to you, kids, a very happy Children’s Day and we wish you all grand success with your lives!

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