How to paint a landscape with Brush Pens


A beautiful landscape makes an inspiring subject matter for artists. Be it nature, the horizon by the ocean water, mountains or even a city skyline, the many details and intricacies make it all the more alluring to artists, inviting them to recreate it on a canvas!

However, the many intricacies involved require a certain amount of finesse to make it come to life. In such cases, brush pens are a great way to bring such an intricate scenario to life on a canvas without making it very messy!

Here are steps for you to understand how to paint a landscape with brush pens.

What you will need:
Camlin Brush Pens
● Water colour paper
Camlin Brush

Step 1:

This painting is based on the artist Bob Ross’s painting. Therefore, the colours used are inspired by it too. Stick tape across all the borders of the paper you are using.

Step 2:

We begin by using the lightest colours to depict the sky. Draw a light outline of the horizon. Add a little colour to the sky using pink and yellow, as shown in the image below.

Step 3:

Once the first layer dries, add some clouds to the painting. These don’t have to be perfectly in shape – simple scribbles will do before you give them a shape with a brush.

Step 4:

Use the darker shades of your brush pens to show the shadows of the mountains. To show the light reflecting from the mountains, paint using lighter colours. Lightly brush over painting to blend the colours – just make sure you don’t blend the colours of the mountains with the colours of the sky.

Step 5:

Once the background is taken care of, we can now start painting the foreground. Colour the water with the lighter colours that were used on the mountains. Use a lighter shade of green for colouring the hills.

Allow the painting to dry before moving on to painting the trees. Paint the trees that are closer, make sure to add shadows using darker colours. For the trees in distance, further away from the foreground, sketch them out carefully.

Step 6:

Once this painting dries, peel back the tape. The quote by Bob Ross on the right side of the painting also has been done using brush pens. You can visit our blog on how to use Camlin Brush pens for lettering.

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