How to make the perfect Valentine Card


Love is in the air! Handing out chocolates and flowers are nice but nothing is more personal and special than a Valentine’s Day Card that is straight from the heart. So why send a store-bought card to your valentine when you can make your very own with so much love.  Let’s give you a few ideas as to how to make that valentine card which is just perfect for you.

Just a few paper punches, embellishments, glitter, paints (all available at Camlin) etc can turn any easy Valentine’s Day card into a beautiful way to say “I love you.”

Craft these oh-so-easy-to-make and gorgeous valentine cards in just a few simple steps. Here are a few easy examples to get you started.

1. Add Glitter to Make Valentine’s Cards Sparkle
Use glittered hearts on punched circles to jazz up your card. You can use Fabrica 3D glitter and sparkle colours.

2. Simple Hearts Valentine Card

Your love will stand out with this valentine. Simply cut out heart shapes from different textured papers and arrange the hearts on a folded piece of pink card paper. Cut the letters from another colour thick paper, and stick them using glue.

3. Using paints and a sponge cut out.

Cut a sponge in the shape of a heart and then just dip it in Camlin Poster colours and apply it onto your card.

4. Colouring with Oil Pastels
Use your drawing and colouring skills to paint flowers which will never wither and last forever. Oil pastels from Camlin will make it that much more special.

There are tons more you can do. We have just touched the tip. Hopefully your imagination will take you places. Happy Card making and a very Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones!! Lots of love from the Camlin Team!

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  1. Valentine’s Day is the day, on which you should let people you love know how much you love them. I have always done that; but next year, with these tips and the wide range of colours and glitters offered by Camlin, I’ll surely try to make the day even more special for my loves ones.

  2. I would surely love to have a homemade Valentine’s Day card from my fiancee. Hope she has also read this article and started planning something for me.

  3. Next year my husband and I will be celebrating our 10th Valentine’s Day together 🙂 The day is still a few months away, but I already know what kind of card I’ll be using to express my love for him on that day. The article allowed me to start my preparations so early.

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