Get Crafty This Monsoon


The monsoons have settled in and while it was fun to enjoy the early showers and see nature at its glorious best, you might now want to experience and enjoy the weather from indoors. What better way to spend time with your kids than indulging in some creative homespun artistry. With that in mind, to help stir up the entertainment quotient at home, here are some easy to create and fun to do craft ideas:-.

Puff Painting at home

You will need
• 1 Tablespoon self-rising flour
• 1 Tablespoon salt
Camlin Artists’ Water Colour
• Water for making colour paste
• Blow dryer

Mix different colours with all the flour and salt.
Be careful with the amount of water you mix; the paint should not be runny.
Let your child get creative with artistic designs creating sceneries, animals, shapes etc. with vibrant colours.
Once their designs are ready, it’s time to puff up the art.
While on ‘Heat’ mode, use a blow dryer on the paint and watch you children’s faces light up when they see it puff up like magic.

Finger Print Rainbow

You will need
Camlin Blak Pencils
• Drawing Paper
Camlin Artists’ Acrylic Colour
Camlin Sparkle Colours

Draw an outline of the rainbow coming out of a large pot, over a landscape or anyplace you or your child can imagine.
Now ask your child to paint the different layers of the rainbow using only their index finger. Spot painting the layers is recommended but you can get creative and use your imagination.
You can directly use the paint from the Camlin Artists’ Acrylic colour tubes or mix it with a little water for a smoother texture.
Use colour schemes of their choice for a bright and vibrant rainbow, but to learn the colours, stick to the original.
Remember to paint the background using contrasting colour schemes. Use Camlin Sparkle Colours to add more magic to the elements of the scenery- glittery sun rays or sparkling riverbeds, just to add that artistic touch.

Foot and Hand Print Peacock

You will need
Camlin Artists’ Acrylic Colour (Green, Blue and Yellow)
• Drawing Paper
Camlin Pony Hair Round Brush

Mix blue Camlin Artists’ Acrylic Colour on a large surface. Let your child carefully step into the paint with one foot and make sure the base of their foot is evenly covered with the paint.
Guide your little one to carefully take the painted foot over to the drawing paper and place it right in the middle; press down till the footprint is clear.
Next, turn the page upside down i.e. the footprint should be facing upwards; heel at the top
Taking the heel as the head portion, outline the beak, eyes, and crown of the peacock using a brush and some yellow paint.
For the spread out feathers, your child can dip their hands in green paint and start stamping their palm prints, making a semi-circle around the footprint.
Paint small blue dots in the middle of each hand stamp to create the eye of the peacock feather.
You can further personalise their master piece by drawing in various backgrounds and scenery. You may even have a peacock drawing competition amongst the kids and give a generous prize for the best-drawn peacock.
Invent your own artistry with the above ideas. The more involved and sensory the art, the more your child will take away from the experience.

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