Get Crafty This Christmas!


Christmas is just around the corner! Imagine this – it’s a cold winter night with a fireplace burning bright and the Christmas tree is ready to be decorated… Go ahead and kick-start your home decoration with some fun crafts inspired by the spirit of Christmas!

Here are 3 fabulous craft ideas for you to indulge in:

1. Paint a Snowman!

It’s Christmas, why overspend on expensive home decor when you can easily make one yourself? Here is a DIY project which you would love to showcase even months after Christmas!

What you will need:
• A canvas
Camlin Artists’ Acrylic Colour Set 12 Assorted Colour Set
Camlin brushes
Camlin pencils

• Start by lightly drawing your snowman across the right-hand-side corner of your canvas.
• Next, draw the bucket used as a hat and the features.
• Now start by painting the sky portion of your painting.
• After it dries, paint the hat, as shown in the image below.
• Paint the features of your snowman.
• Finish off your painting by painting the snowflakes and let it dry!

2. DIY Winter Wreath

Wreaths are just the decor you need for Christmas! Here is a fun art project for the Christmas lover in you!

You will need:
Chart papers in shades of green and red
Camlin Krafty Glue
Camlin pencil

• Trace your hand multiple times on the chart papers and cut these shapes out.
• Draw a bow shape in the red chart paper and cut it out too.
• Using the Camlin Krafty glue, stick all the hand shaped.
papers in a circle format as shown in the image below – make sure you use alternative colours as you go.
• Stick the bow at the bottom of this circle and your wreath
is ready!

3. Pasta Snowflake Decor

Did you know that each snowflake is uniquely shaped? When observed under a microscope, you will never find two snowflakes with exactly the same structure. Unfortunately, not every one of us gets to see them! Which is why you will love this project as it’s inspired by snowflakes.

What you will need:
• Coffee filters.
Camlin Artists’ Water Colour 18 Assorted Colours Set
Camlin Paintbrush
• Blue paper straws
• Pinwheel pasta
Camlin Krafty Glue

• Begin by painting your coffee filters and set them aside to dry.
• Now dip the pasta into white paint and let it dry.
• Cut a handful of blue paper straws into 2-inch and 1-inch sections. You will need 2-3 straws per snowflake.
• Once your coffee filters and pasta are dry, use Camlin Krafty glue and stick your snowflake design into place on the paper.

Did you enjoy this article? Let us know in the comments section below! Merry Christmas!

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