Get Artsy this Parent’s Day


July 23rd is celebrated throughout the world as Parent’s Day. To show your folks some love we’ve put together a few art ideas you can work on for a personalised gift. For parent’s, it’s a great bonding exercise you can get into with your kids, after all, time really flies by too quickly when it comes to kids growing up. So this parent’s day make some time for each other, create some beautiful memories and celebrate the love with these three wonderful art activities!

1. Memories on mini boards

Here’s a sweet way to preserve and showcase those fond family memories by framing the lovely bond between parents and children in a creative way.

You will need
• Regular or jumbo sized popsicle sticks
• Colourful tape
Camlin Krafty White glue
• Cardboard
• Magnets
• Wooden chips of your choice
• Push pins (if need be)

• Cut the cardboard depending upon how big you want the frame to be.
• Wrap each popsicle with the colourful tape of your choice.
• Take one set of popsicle sticks and stick them to a cardboard paper to hold them together.
• Stick four magnets at the back of your frame, at all of the corners.
• Once dry, decorate by sticking print outs of pocket sized pictures of you with your parents or you and your siblings. You can click new pictures and get creative! Make a memory with your parents and gift them with a photograph that captures the memory.
• You can use tape, glue or even use a push pin to attach your pictures
• Use the Camlin Krafty White Glue to attach the wood chips.

2. 10 Things I Love About You

How often do we tell our parents that we value and love them? How often do we express our love for them? Sometimes we take this bond a little lightly. Here’s a way to make up for that by telling them how we truly feel about them. This parent’s day, tell them, those 10 things you know you love
about them.

You will need:
• Cardboard paper
• A pair of scissors
• Pictures of you and your family
• Chart paper
Camlin Sketch Pens
• A hole punch
• A binder jump ring/ Ribbons
• A pen to write with
Camlin Krafty White Glue

• Cut the chart paper and the cardboard cards (10) in the same size. Use your own template.
• On each of 10 sheets use the Camlin Sketch Pens to write out why you love and appreciate your parents – example – “I love it when you make sure that I don’t feel anxious before exams.” And nine more reasons. Be as creative as you want for each of the notes.
• Stick the chart paper pieces to the same-sized cardboard cut-outs using Camlin Krafty White Glue.
• Apart from the ten things you love about them, you can make this gift even more special by adding thank you notes in between.
• Punch a hole on the left-hand corner of each paper and pass a ribbon through the entire set. You could also pass a key chain ring through them.
• Print a few pictures of the family, small enough to stick on the sheets for a little more effect.

3. Handprints Forever

This won’t be a surprise, but it’s got its own brand of specialty. A handprint is as unique as the bond we share with our parents. So bring out the paint and get busy imprinting your love!

You will need:
• Card paper sheet
Camlin Artist’s Oil Colour range
Camlin White Board Marker

• Each one picks a colour of their choice and creates an imprint by dipping the palm of their hand in the paint and placing it on the card paper in a single line.
• Start with the largest hand first and finish with the smallest
• Once the paint is dry, add a tiny ‘+’ sign in between to signify the relationship.
• Write down the names of the people under their hand impression and don’t forget to add the date!
• Cut the sheet neatly in a square or rectangle (depending on the size) and get these impressions framed.

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish all parents out there a Wonderful Parent’s Day! Go on, show your parents some love, but make sure that it continues for more than the one day.

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