Fun DIYs with wax crayons


For those of you wondering what to do with broken wax crayons, we have 3 exciting and fun DIYs ideas you can explore. Using old, broken wax crayons ensures that you are not wasting them while also having fun creating something new.

Here are 3 ways you will learn how to repurpose old wax crayons into something new:

1. Star shaped crayons:

Kids can often take the paper wrapped around the crayon out and break crayons. What you can do with all the smallest broken pieces is create a new crayon altogether. Decide if you want one crayon to have multiple colours or just one shade of colour. If you want multiple colours, once you have broken the crayons into smaller pieces, add them into the star shaped mold.

If you want one crayon to have just one colour, then add only one coloured pieces of broken crayons in the mold. Place the mold with broken crayons in the oven so that they melt into the star shape. Once the crayons melt, simply remove the mold out of the oven and allow them to cool down. Once they cool down, enjoy your colouring with the star shaped wax crayons!

2. Wax crayons home décor:

Adding art to any room can quickly enhance its look by giving it that extra pop with colours. What if we told you there was an easy-to-do hack where you can use wax crayons to create art to give a room that dash of colour?

To be able to get the same effect on a canvas as shown above, you don’t need much, just a hot glue gun, wax crayons, a canvas and a hair dryer. Place the crayons on the canvas, above the section that you want the design. Now blow dry to melt the crayons. It takes some time but once the crayons heat up, they will start melting to give the desired effect.

Once all the colours melt, allow the painting to dry.

This is how it will look once dried. Now all you have to do is place your painting in the room and enjoy the ‘splash’ of vibrancy to your room!

3. Crayons and hearts:

To begin, take the broken crayons and chop it into fine pieces or crayon shavings. Now place these shavings on a wax paper. Fold the clean part of the wax paper onto the part where you have kept the shavings. Now place a hot iron on top of this folded portion. The crayons will melt, thereby staining the paper. Using a pencil, draw heart shapes into this paper and cut them out. Your crayon hearts are ready to be turned into wall hangings!

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