Fun DIY Ideas for Diwali


The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Diwali is surely firecrackers, sweets, family and celebrations, but it’s so much more. This festival embodies all the wonderful things in this world – light, colour, happiness, love, and goodness. Here are some great DIY Diwali projects that are sure to bring the whole family together.

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Paper Kandils
The festival of lights is incomplete without Kandils adorning your home. Cut out several squares of coloured paper. Using Camlin’s Krafty Glue, stick two opposite tips together by rolling the squares outwards to form diagonal rolls. Now cut two long strips of chart paper to form the top and base of the kandil. Next, glue or staple one end of each roll to the top and bottom strips to hold it in place.

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Finally, glue the ends of both strips together to create your paper kandil. Liberally use paint, glitter or sequins to decorate the lamps and add tassels around the bottom strip to make them more attractive.

Paper Flower Toran
Torans are a necessity during Diwali. Instead of using fresh flowers this Diwali, why not create your own paper flower toran? Stack several sheets of coloured crepe paper over each other. Cut them into circles and staple the centre down so the sheets remain together. Separate each sheet by pulling it upwards and crumpling it a little to create a paper flower.

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Fold rectangular sheets of green crepe paper to create ‘leaves’. Using a broad needle, string them together. Tie one end of each string to a long piece of cardboard that will serve as the top of the toran.

Party Favour Crackers
Not only does this next idea stay with the festival theme, but it’s also a great way to distribute chocolates. Use chart paper to make cylinders (about 4-5 inches long keeping enough of space to drop chocolates in. Properly seal one end of the cylinder with cardboard to ensure the contents don’t fall out.

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Draw diagonal strips on the outside of the cylinders with glitter pens to add aesthetic value. Fill your crackers with chocolates and seal the top with shiny tassels.

These are just a few wonderful DIY projects for the festive season that you can make to create a more inviting Diwali ambience for your home.

Have a happy and safe Diwali!

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